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What’s in a Name? Culper Group

King & Union recently launched Culper Group, its services division, including four new offerings recognizing the critical human component of efficient threat intelligence operations.

  • Analyst On-Demand, an intelligence force that provides immediate tactical support to investigations on an ad hoc basis directly within Avalon workspaces.
  • Culper Extended Analyst augments team bandwidth and expertise on a monthly basis to support surge requirements or backfill analyst vacancies.
  • Culper Tailored Intelligence provides ongoing analyst support along with tailored selection of relevant, premium intelligence sources that correspond to an identified threat model and budget.
  • Culper Managed Threat Intelligence designs and implements intelligence management foundations (stakeholder, threat model, and intel requirement identification) along with ongoing analyst support and tailored premium intelligence.

Why Culper Group? With headquarters in Old Town Alexandria Virginia, and our office in a building originally owned by relatives of George Washington, we are surrounded by American history and stories of our country’s founding. One of our favorites is that of the Culper Spy Ring. You may have heard of them from the well-produced AMC series called TURN: Washington’s Spies

The Culper Spy Ring was a small group of men and women gathered in 1778 during the British occupation of New York City. They gathered pieces of information about British troop movements, Naval activity, fortifications, and plans in New York and across New England. Much like threat intelligence processes today, these pieces of information were collected, analyzed, and disseminated to senior leaders, namely, General Washington. Historians say the Culper Ring provided valuable strategic insight to Washington and the military leadership of the American Revolution. Some of their “greatest hits,” according to include:

  • Uncovered British plans to ambush the newly arrived French army in Rhode Island. Without the spy ring’s warnings to Washington, the Franco-American alliance may well have been damaged or destroyed by this surprise attack.
  • Busted Benedict Arnold conspiring to give the British control over the Army fort at West Point. British spy master, Major John Andre, was captured and hung as a spy on Washington’s orders. This of course, eventually led to a great Brady Bunch episode and the persistence of “Benedict Arnold” as a common insult for someone untrustworthy even today, more than 240 years later.

To learn more about the Culper Spy Ring, we highly recommend the Ben Franklin’s World podcast with Alexander Rose, author of Washington’s Spies: The Story of America’s First Spy Ring.

The Culper name resonates with us at King & Union. They believed in their mission with great passion and intensity. They turned disparate pieces of information into actionable intelligence that made a real difference. This speaks to the central truth about what we do at King & Union, which is enabling true collaboration via the Avalon Cyber Analysis Platform, helping analysts work together in a meaningful way to solve critical issues more efficiently than ever before. With these new services, we can integrate tools, people, and processes to take customers’ threat intelligence operations to another level, just like the namesake of our services.