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Data? In the Future All Data is Fractional

The Future of Threat Intelligence is Fractional

Melissa K. Smith, VP of Channel Partnerships and Alliances

In June, Charles Schwab, a leading provider of financial services, announced a new service called Schwab Stock Slices™ which allows investors to own any S&P 500 company for as little as $5 each. The goal was to expand access to the stock market for small investors. Without the ability to buy high-quality S&P 500 companies–many trading for hundreds, even thousands of dollars per share–small investors are left to buy beaten-down stocks selling for single digits. Thanks to fractional ownership via Schwab Stock Slices, high-quality companies that have previously been out of reach are available to the individual investor. For example, a small investor could build a portfolio of stocks for a small fraction of what the total price would be in the open market. For just $20, an investor could own a piece of the so-called FANG stocks, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. In the open market, purchasing one share of each would cost approximately $4800.

According to Neesha Hathi, Executive Vice President and head of Schwab Digital Services, “We want to make stock ownership accessible to as many people as possible, from a new investor just getting started to someone more experienced who may find the share price of some companies out of reach. Stock Slices allows anyone to invest using fractional shares, and we’re excited by the possibilities inherent in this functionality to enhance how clients invest.”

Enter Threat Intelligence

In the same way that Charles Schwab is expanding access and democratizing stock market investing, our goal is to make fractional ownership of threat intelligence a reality for users of our Avalon Cyber Analysis Platform through the new Avalon Marketplace. 

The problems are similar. It is about reducing costs to expand access. Threat intelligence is expensive, and often comes with annual, or even longer, contracts. For many companies, this means that threat intelligence and data has either simply been out of reach, or severely limited by cost and people constraints. Even companies with large budgets cannot afford every threat feed or data source they may need. Adding to the challenge is that it is hard to measure the return on investment (ROI) for the security organization. Post COVID-19, businesses are looking to bend their cost curves and high-ticket items with nebulous ROI, like threat intelligence, are an obvious place to look for “cost synergies.”

Within the Avalon Marketplace, you can now identify, procure, and leverage threat intelligence from a wide range of sources on-demand, as well as gain access to expert analyst services on an as-needed basis within the Avalon platform. The threat intelligence marketplace “tokenizes” fractional datasets via partner feeds, integrations, and enrichment sources, enabling customers of all sizes greater access to threat analysis data and investigations on-demand. 

For the first time, security analysts can purchase threat intelligence data in the time or amount that matches both investigation needs and budget.

Access to the Avalon Marketplace is delivered through the Avalon Cyber Analysis Platform. Avalon consolidates the analysts’ workbench and integrates activities completed during an investigative workflow into a single workspace – from visualizing and enriching threat data through to creating finished intelligence and reporting needs by various stakeholders. With Avalon, security teams can break down silos and spend less time on manual processes, complicated email chains, or time-consuming administrative tasks. 

At King & Union, our mission is to make life easier for security teams by giving them the tools they need in a single investigative platform and democratize access to the threat intelligence they need – just as Schwab is doing to stock market investing for the individual investor.


We have plenty of ways to help you learn more about Avalon and the new Marketplace! 

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