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Say Hello to the New Avalon

Peter Prizio, VP Product Development

Today we are reaffirming our commitment to security and intelligence analysts everywhere with a serious new user interface focused on making investigations easier and more efficient than ever before.

First, a look back. 

Over the last few years, King & Union has changed the narrative on how investigations are performed by allowing multiple analysts to collaborate on link-node analyses together, in real-time. We’ve grown, we’ve hired, we’ve integrated, and we’ve refined Avalon from an idea to a fully functioning analysis platform. 

Why the update?

Now it’s time to start taking Avalon even further! As we’ve gained more users and partners, we’ve received a lot of feedback on what we were doing well, what we could improve and the features users needed to get the most out of Avalon. By listening to the needs of human analysts – whose lives we want to make easier – we focused on making our user interface the most intuitive and easy to use cyber analyst platform on the market.

One of our goals and guiding principles for this redesign is to maintain a powerful analytical workbench for performing investigations while lowering the expertise required to use such a tool. The more we can empower less experienced analysts to grow their skills, make more informed decisions, and more easily collaborate with senior analysts or CTI teams; the more we can ease the burdens on analysts across the whole investigation process.

With this new look, we stay true to our values to provide a powerful analysis tool to support senior analyst needs but is also easy for junior analysts to use and understand while encouraging collaboration across teams and organizations. This new interface will provide a foundation for what’s to come in 2020.


So what’s new?

Our new interface represents our position on cybersecurity tools as a whole. These tools should be all at once: beautiful, easy-to-use, and powerful without harping on the harsh reality that security is an uphill battle. We sought to make Avalon a place that Analysts wanted to be in order to create, connect, and collaborate on threats while at the same time, enabling more junior analysts with the opportunity to learn and explore as they go. 

  • We added a drag and drop Graph Builder to put creation at your fingertips
  • An Activity Feed to provide an audit trail of the investigation
  • An updated Chat and Table experience
  • A Reporting tool to narrate the outcome of the investigation
  • And a Members pane to quickly audit who has access and made edits to the data 

Additionally, We’ve placed all of the tools you need to perform investigations and analyses right at your fingertips. By clicking on any of the available icons in the Node Options Menu, you can quickly and easily take action on a variety of attributes for any individual node.

Clicking on the enrich button, for example, provides a visual library of available enrichments making it easier than ever to discover, launch, and apply to take advantage of integrated datasets. 

Adding and managing those enrichment results is easier than ever using the new enrichment carousel.

Reviewing the metadata is also more consumable than ever using our new attributes table which allows users to explore all of the data about a node with a clear indication of data provenance and the ability to easily pivot out an attribute for further investigation.

All of this is wrapped in our real-time collaborative workspace that allows teams to perform work together, in the same place, at the same time.

What’s stayed the same?

Even with all the new features, one thing always stays the same – our commitment to analysts. Our ongoing mission at King & Union is to make life easier for security analysts – and our Avalon users (and all future users!) are those that we strive to serve every day and work hard to provide the best possible product. We also believe that the data behind our interface is what’s most important to the integrity of the investigation and we will continue to partner with top data providers and ever refine those integrations to enable the most comprehensive analysis possible.

Thank you.

While Avalon is ever-evolving, we will always be committed to going above and beyond for you. That means supporting all of our Analysts with exciting new products and services in Avalon and beyond to help them do their jobs better than ever before. Over the next couple of months, you’ll notice continued visual and functional updates across the entire Avalon experience. We can’t wait for you to see it!

To see more of the new Avalon, watch our product overview or for a full demo, watch our on-demand webinar. We’re also always available to do a personal demo to discuss your organizations needs in-depth. 

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