Quick Query

Quick Query

Enter an indicator like an IP, email, hash, domain, url, etc. to see if Avalon has any relevant information related to it and it should be further analyzed.


Search an indicator


Review the results


Open workspace in Avalon


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Collaborate and operationalize

Use this Quick Query above to quickly uncover information about an observable or indicator and find out if Avalon has any related data, existing investigations, or maliciousness scores that could be helpful in deciding if the thret or event needs further investigation.

When you launch a workspace from the Quick Query we will pre-populate your investigation with the details of the data we uncovered, and you can add partner licences and run enrichments to discover even more about the links and threats you’re concerned about.

Want to learn more about Avalon and how t can help you collaborate to conduct thorough link analysis that you ca turn into actionable results? Head to the Avalon product page or request a demo below.

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