Integration Highlights

Integrate Diverse Data Sources

Conduct investigations efficiently by seamlessly integrating threat intelligence from HYAS Insight and other sources into a single Avalon workspace.

Interact in Real-Time

Enable real-time, secure collaboration across teams – or across your industry – to eliminate silos and increase analysis efficiency.

Visualize Threats and Connections

Quickly visualize and enrich threat intelligence from HYAS Insight to easily discover and understand data relationships.

Deliver Results

Say goodbye to email chains and manual administrative tasks by easily creating, reviewing and delivering finished intelligence directly from Avalon.

Preserve Investigations

Create a centralized knowledge repository to maintain the latest investigative intelligence that can be utilized for future investigations.

Integration Benefits

  • Map connected infrastructure, run correlations, look at attribution, identify malicious domains to generate meaningful insights
  • Pivot and infer connections between domains to map potential adversary TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures)
  • Increase chances of intersection with existing graph data from other sources that open up new investigative avenues
  • Quickly unify, visualize and enrich threat intelligence in a single workspace to better understand data relationships
  • Easily deliver the reporting to key stakeholders throughout organization

Streamline the Security Investigation Process

Avalon is the first enterprise platform built specifically to integrate link analysis, collaboration and reporting into a single, interactive platform. This helps security teams spend less time on manual, time-consuming administrative tasks and more time on security

Ticketing/Orchestration Systems
Collaborative Reporting
Key Stakeholders

King and Union

King and Union enables security teams to easily create and deliver the right intelligence to the right person across all levels of their organization by unifying data from multiple tools and results from investigations into a single cyber analysis delivery platform. With our platform, Avalon, security teams can quickly visualize threat data and investigate together in real time, and once complete, efficiently create and deliver the finished intelligence required to key stakeholders. Avalon reduces the time on manual, administrative tasks, leaving analysts more time to focus on security, and empowers organizations to take full advantage of the security investments they’ve made – in people, information and technology.


Founded by a team of world-renowned security researchers, analysts and entrepreneurs, HYAS is a highly skilled information security firm developing the next generation of information security technology. HYAS enables enterprises to detect and mitigate cyber risks before attacks happen and identify the adversaries behind them. HYAS Insight is a threat intelligence and attribution platform that improves visibility and productivity for analysts, researchers and investigators while vastly increasing the accuracy of their findings. Threat and fraud response teams use HYAS Insight to hunt, find, and identify adversaries, often down to their physical doorsteps. For more information, visit www.hyas.com


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