Agents Of Calm

We formed King & Union to solve operational productivity issues that have plagued SOCs from the beginning: lack of awareness, wasted time, repetitious workflow, and time-consuming manual tasks.

We knew there was a need for a new approach, and we had the perspective and experience to build a platform that would make a difference. Avalon isn’t just another tool to add to your annual budget. It’s a better approach to security operations, and it will raise the quality of your security team, the effectiveness of your operations, and the ROI of your security spend.

the bestData Scientists Developers and Threat Analysts

We’ve hired some of the best data scientists, developers, and threat analysts in the industry to work together to build a focused service for advanced and evolving businesses alike. Our team’s wealth of knowledge in .gov and .com SOCs gives you a faster path to what does and doesn’t work today, and direction for innovations to protect your business against the threats of tomorrow.