Share Better

Hackers share information about your weaknesses across the dark web. Can your organization protect itself operating in isolation? Historic approaches to security have been lacking. The time has come to harness the power of sharing threat data across organizations. King & Union gives your staff access to analysts with deep experience across .mil and .gov domains. Even your most seasoned security leaders will benefit from knowledge transfer at a level that is hard to find in the private sector.

Our Approach

Stronger Together

Avalon Platform

Avalon breaks down barriers to sharing information.

That’s not just good for your analysts, it’s good for your business. You get the benefit of high-end threat analysts without the difficulties of hiring and retention, and your security team gets access to threat intelligence that’s automatically enriched with sensitive data so you don’t have to rely on costly data feeds. You can act against threats faster and with greater accuracy, all for about the same amount you’d spend on the salary of a single FTE.


Avalon connects your analysts with the most capable analysts, developers, and engineers in the industry, all working together toward a common goal. Your team can ask questions, gain context, focus on actual analysis, and act against threats faster.