King & Union Launches New FireEye Threat Intelligence Integration

Alexandria, VA – July 17, 2019 – King & Union today announced a new integration between FireEye Threat Intelligence and Avalon, King & Union’s software-as-a-service cyber analysis delivery platform. Working together, security teams can automatically use FireEye Threat Intelligence as an enrichment source within Avalon. This allows users to quickly visualize data to better understand relationships, integrate additional data from internal or external sources in a single interactive workspace to more easily investigate threats, and efficiently deliver the results required throughout their organization. 

“Security analysts are overrun with data and burdened with a litany of manual processes in order to deliver the reporting and finished intelligence needed by multiple stakeholders throughout their organizations today,” said John Cassidy, CEO and co-founder of King & Union. “We’re excited about this integration because it will help security teams to better operationalize their threat intelligence by reducing the time and effort required both during an investigation and on administrative tasks after – letting them get back to their real work – security.”  

In the battle against today’s adversaries, knowledge is power. FireEye Threat Intelligence delivers comprehensive, actionable intelligence to help proactively defend against new and emerging cyber threats, aligning security programs with corporate risk management goals. Recognized as the sole Leader in the Forrester New Wave™ for External Threat Intelligence Services, Q3 2018 report, FireEye security researchers and experts around the globe provide an unmatched view into adversaries, victims, campaigns, and networks worldwide. 

“Collaboration is key to good cyber intelligence work,” said Sandra Joyce, Senior Vice President of Global Threat Intelligence at FireEye. “Whether that’s working within the Avalon platform to share a common view with your team or leaning on the expertise of FireEye’s team to boost your own efforts.”

With the King and Union Avalon platform, security teams can create trusted groups that allow analysts – both inside and outside their organization – to work together in real time to visualize and investigate threats. Once complete, they can also collaborate to efficiently create and deliver the finished intelligence required to key stakeholders. Avalon also helps eliminate silos by getting investigations off of individual machines and into a centralized repository so that FireEye Threat Intelligence can easily be used to automatically enrich current and future investigations. By simplifying analysis and reporting processes, Avalon helps analysts reduce the time spent on manual, administrative tasks, giving them more time to focus on security.


About King & Union

King and Union enables security teams to easily create and deliver the right intelligence to the right person across all levels of their organization by unifying data from multiple tools and results from investigations into a single cyber analysis delivery platform. With our platform, Avalon, security teams can quickly visualize threat data and investigate together in real time, and once complete, efficiently create and deliver the finished intelligence required to key stakeholders. Avalon reduces the time on manual, administrative tasks, leaving analysts more time to focus on security, and empowers organizations to take full advantage of the security investments they’ve made – in people, information and technology.  For more information, visit, @KUAvalon on Twitter or King & Union on LinkedIn, or contact ReseAnne Sims at

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