King & Union Launch New Intel 471 Integration

Alexandria, VA – October 02, 2019 – King & Union today announced a new integration between Intel 471, the premier provider of cybercrime intelligence, and Avalon, King & Union’s software-as-a-service enterprise link analysis platform. With this integration, security teams can automatically use Intel 471 Adversary Intelligence as an enrichment source within the Avalon platform, where they can then quickly visualize data to better understand relationships and work together in real-time to more easily investigate threats. 

“Understanding who your adversary is and how they operate is critical information for teams as they work to build their defenses against today’s attacks,” said John Cassidy, CEO and co-founder of King & Union. “Working together, Avalon helps security teams to more quickly visualize relationships between key pieces of data from Intel 471 intelligence so they can easily understand who they are up against and take effective action.”  

Tracking the most sophisticated and successful cybercriminals requires placement and access within the cybercriminal underground and local outreach contacts where they operate. Intel 471 is focused on infiltrating and maintaining access closed sources where cybercriminals discuss, plan and carry out attacks.

“The reality is this idea of a ‘deep and dark web’ is totally inaccurate…it’s not deep nor dark,” said Mark Arena, CEO and founder of Intel 471. “We’re dealing with an organized, living and breathing world consisting of products, services, goods and consumers. Pairing Avalon with our Titan platform and intelligence enables threat intelligence teams to push the noise floor down and focus their efforts on investigating and proactively monitoring the threat actors and activity that matters most to them. Avalon and Titan dispel the notion of ‘deep and dark’ and organizes things visually in a way an analyst can make sense of them.”

Avalon helps security teams streamline the investigative process by providing a single, interactive workspace where they can work together in real-time and integrate multiple data sources. Once an investigation is complete, teams can also collaborate to efficiently create and deliver the finished intelligence required to key stakeholders. Avalon helps eliminate silos by getting investigations off of individual machines and into a centralized repository so that intelligence from Intel 471 and other sources can easily be used to automatically enrich current and future investigations. By integrating link analysis, collaboration and reporting processes, Avalon helps analysts reduce the time spent on manual, administrative tasks, giving them more time to focus on security.


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