Implementing emerging technology at scale in cyber security

Implementing emerging technology at scale in cyber security

Published by WJLA GovMatters

Identiv CEO Steve Humphreys and King & Union CEO John Cassidydiscuss DARPA’s Cyber Hunting at Scale contract, and what it means for the use of emerging technology in government cybersecurity.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is pursuing “Cyber Hunting at Scale.” DARPA has contracted with BAE Systems to create an adaptable artificial intelligence program that can defend large-scale networks autonomously. Steve Humphreys, CEO of Identiv says that “Cyber Hunting at Scale” is bigger than it sounds.

“In addition to networks and computers, you’ve got physical access security, video cameras, fire alarm, you name it. Now they’re looking to get all those events and information and manage it,” said Humphreys. “The other thing about it is thet’re doing it both on a global and a local basis, and that’s another novel approach to it. We’ve had lots of analytics within parameters, but now going after the whole picture is something that is quite a big bite to take.”

John Cassidy, CEO of King & Union, says that the primary goal of DARPA’s AI contract is to improve collaboration.

“They’re trying to find whether its lots of things going on in internal networks, whether it’s external networks. But one of the real problems that is trying to be worked on here is how you can actually get people to work looking to get people to work in a more collaborative way together,” said Cassidy. “There’s been many stovepipe organizations across the government, whether it’s been in a cabinet level agency, whether it’s in a certain component, but really the goal here is to use machines to help the mission. There will always be a human element [to] these AI technologies.”

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