HYAS Insight and King & Union Avalon Integrate To Speed Cybersecurity Investigations

HYAS Insight and King & Union Avalon Integrate To Speed Cybersecurity Investigations

Integration enables security teams to better visualize, investigate, and collaborate on investigations

VICTORIA, British Columbia and ALEXANDRIA, Va. – August 4, 2020 — HYAS, a leader in threat intelligence and attribution, and King & Union, creator of the Avalon Cyber Analysis Platform, today announced integration of their products to enable faster and more accurate cybersecurity investigations. Through this collaboration, Avalon customers using HYAS Insight can visualize intelligence, enabling analysts to efficiently prioritize security responses and threat investigations via custom-built capabilities.

Cybersecurity professionals struggle to connect specific attack instances and campaigns to billions of historical indicators of compromise. This integration pairs HYAS’ unparalleled threat intelligence with the Avalon Cyber Analysis Platform’s enrichment user interface and easy visualization of data sets, enabling swift, accurate, and efficient fraud and actor attribution research. Avalon enhances the HYAS Insight experience by streamlining queries into simple use-case-based query calls and allows investigators to easily enrich the data using additional data sources, collaborate with others, draft context-specific reports, and tie finished data directly back into the security stack for immediate action. 

“King & Union provides an exceptional integrated platform which enables security teams to collaborate and accelerate investigations,” said HYAS CEO, David Ratner. “We are excited to embark on this unique partnership which integrates HYAS Insight data into the Avalon platform.”

“King & Union strives to provide security analysts with the high-quality threat intelligence, tools, and collaboration they need and bring them together in a single, integrated platform to help make their lives easier,” said John Cassidy, CEO, and Co-Founder, King & Union. “Our integration with HYAS enhances analyst access to telemetry and provides the depth of threat intelligence they need for accurate, thorough investigations that can arrive at attribution.”

For more information, visit www.kingandunion.com or www.hyas.com .  

About King & Union
King & Union is a cybersecurity company based in Alexandria, Va., that has built and designed Avalon, the industry’s first cyber analysis platform. The Avalon Cyber Analysis Platform helps analysts streamline threat investigations by providing the intelligence, tools and collaboration security analysts need in a seamless, integrated workspace. King & Union also offers threat intelligence services through its Avalon Services services. Avalon Services has multiple offerings, ranging from short-term on-demand support to fully managed services that help bridge common gaps that security teams face. 

Visit King & Union at kingandunion.com, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, or email info@kingandunion.com for more information.

About HYAS

HYAS, a First Nations word meaning “great and powerful,” is the world’s leading authority on pre-zero-day cybersecurity risk. HYAS provides the industry’s first security solution that integrates into existing security frameworks and enables enterprises to detect and mitigate cyber risks before attacks happen and identify the adversaries behind them. Threat and fraud response teams use HYAS to hunt, find, and identify adversaries, often down to their physical doorsteps. With HYAS, enterprises are able to adopt a more proactive and adaptive security posture and protect against both known and not-yet-launched attacks, identifying the adversaries  targeting their organizations and the infrastructure used to launch their attacks. For more information about HYAS, visit https://www.hyas.com.


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