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Brace Yourselves, Budget Cuts are Coming

Maximizing threat intelligence ROI through fractional ownership

Peter Prizio, VP of Product Management

With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in-sight, a few things are becoming clear. The new way of business will look very different from the past, however, no one really knows what that is. What we do know is one thing – uncertainty and if there is one thing business leaders do not like it is uncertainty. 

Internally, when the c-suite gives the directive that it is time to find “synergies,” this usually kicks off a Game of Thrones atmosphere among executives as they review their areas of operation searching for ways to do more with less, or at least do the same with less. They become highly protective of their budgets, emphasizing all the great work their team is doing, especially compared to that team over there

Simply put, this is a time for business leaders to sink or swim. Will they make strategic decisions that allow their team to win on the other side, or will they cut to the bone to please the corner office in the short-term hurting themselves in the long-term? 

Security leaders are already dealing with a “people problem” that seems to get worse every year. According to Enterprise Strategy Group’s well-regarded security analyst Jon Oltsik, “I know I sound like a cybersecurity Chicken Little here, but my firm believes that the cybersecurity skills shortage represents an existential threat to all of us, and our current approach to rectifying this situation is not working.  In fact, I would argue that we treat the skills shortage rather cavalierly.”

With that backdrop, cybersecurity leaders are looking to protect their people, looking first at a consolidation of tools and of threat intelligence feeds. Threat intelligence is expensive and it has been very difficult to measure its precise impact on the organization or its actual return on investment (ROI).

Avalon Marketplace brings cost savings and ROI measurement to threat intelligence

King & Union’s Avalon Marketplace is designed to make threat intelligence more accessible to more organizations. Those with robust threat intel programs are often looking to make cuts. For many others, threat intelligence spending has been restricted by budget and staffing limitations.  Avalon Marketplace is the first  platform to offer fractional, premium threat intelligence datasets via partners feeds, integrations, and enrichment sources while allowing organizations to measure the usage and value of the data. This enables customers of all sizes  to access threat analysis data and investigations on-demand. For the analyst, Marketplace provides the intelligence they need when they need it. For the security leader, and the CFO, threat intelligence cost can be significantly reduced because of the flexibility to utilize feeds on a fractional basis instead of a full subscription and the ability to optimize the feeds they subscribe to while maintaining access to those they need for specific needs.

For more information on King & Union’s full suite of threat intelligence solutions and services, download this ESG Research paper: Maximizing Effectiveness of Threat Intelligence Programs with King & Union written by Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow Jon Oltsik.