Early AdoptionCollaborator

Thank you.

Welcome to the King & Union Early Adopter Collaboration (EAC) program. We appreciate you taking the first step towards experiencing the Avalon platform.

You will be contacted by our support team through email to set-up your initial accounts, which will only require an email and password to be set-up. Once the account is established you can also set-up two-factor authentication.

If you have any questions with initial set-up, or would like to have some initial training by our team, please contact us at support@kingandunion.com and we will get right back to you.

Enjoy the trial, and thanks for your continued participation in the program and support of the Avalon platform.

Thanks, King & Union

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program features

  • 30 Day No-Cost Access to Avalon platform
  • Virtual Training for Security Teams
  • Access to dynamic visualization and graphing system
  • Unprecedented and differentiated flow of sensitive, open source, and proprietary data feeds
  • Chat and live collaboration amongst trust groups
  • Proprietary & Multi-Source Intelligence
  • Ability to invite peers, friends and colleagues to join Avalon through a referral program
  • At end of trial, can continue to use Avalon at a discounted rate

eligibility & participation

  • Requested to use the Avalon platform in your IR and analysis workflow as a key resource
  • Provide regular feedback through the Avalon chat platform
  • Report any issues through the early adopter program support process
  • Provide periodic updates on your experience with Avalon