Early Adoption Collaborators

King & Union built Avalon with the goal of improving response time, reducing risk, and increasing prevention of compromise. Now we’re actively seeking industry partners that need to solve collaboration and information sharing problems.

Why Join?

Get advance access to the Avalon platform, as well as the opportunity to deeply influence the improvements and tailor the platform itself.

Our EACs are designed to be low-risk, high value engagements. King & Union will be investing heavily in our EACs success and in the growth and improvement of the Avalon service for our clients.

Program Features

  • 30-day access to Avalon platform
  • Dedicated development support
  • Onsite/virtual training for Ops teams
  • Live chat access with Avalon development, engineering, and analyst teams
  • Access to dynamic visualization and graphing system
  • Unprecedented and differentiated flow of sensitive, open source, and proprietary data feeds
  • Chat and live collaboration amongst trust groups
  • Proprietary & multi-source intelligence
  • Escalation point for review of advanced cyber threats during an incident

Does this sound like you?

Is your organization in need of top security expertise, unique data sources, and better operational efficiency? You may be a candidate for our early adopter program. Email us at: EAP@kingandunion.com

Eligibility & Participation

  • Request an invitation to apply to the program and be accepted
  • Provide regular feedback through the Avalon chat platform
  • Report any issues through the early adopter program support process
  • Provide periodic updates on your experience with Avalon
  • Review and sign evaluation agreement