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SOAR Workflow Process

Do MOAR with SOAR Using Avalon

Jake Robinson, Sr. Cyber Threat Intel Analyst

Elon Musk famously derived the name for his secretive company’s mind-machine interface product, “Neural Lace”, from a series of science fiction novels in which computers and the human brain are so closely interconnected that digital messages can be sent directly into the mind. While we are still a long way from this reality, we are becoming better and better at automating those processes that are time-consuming and tedious for humans, while freeing up valuable human cognition for those tasks it is best suited for….

Enter SOAR, Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response

SOAR encapsulates a stack of software that ingests bulk data and automatically acts on it to improve a network’s security posture, block malicious infrastructure, and free up analysts’ time that was previously spent analyzing, categorizing, and operationalizing hundreds of pieces of data every day. Adopting SOAR allows analysts more time and cycles to focus on things the human brain does best, like visually analyzing relationships and synthesizing insights from disparate data sets. Still, we need a tool to turn “ones” and “zeroes”, JSON and XML, into the plain language that human analysts require to be efficient and effective. That tool has to be fast, simple, and integrated seamlessly into the security stack…


Do MOAR with SOAR using Avalon

Enter King & Union, and Avalon…

Here at King & Union we are constantly striving to make Avalon a more seamless component in any cyber security software stack. Avalon sits at the intersection of reams of data collected by nearly three dozen premium data partners, and the network security tools that operationalize both human and computer analysis to provide the best possible protection for the enterprise. We envision a cyber security world inspired by the Neural Lace. Human analysts with AI-powered network protection and incident response, perfectly integrated. Hundreds or thousands of indicators are automatically processed and operationalized by a SOAR system, while human analysts perform deep dives into actors, incidents, and infrastructure that automated procedures can’t comprehend.

Pushing forward the ideal integration of mind and machine, Avalon provides a direct source, via integration, endpoint, or export, of human-distilled and processed information directly back into the automated security process. Avalon provides a clean and distraction-free interface that automatically visualizes complex data, and makes it easy for human analysts to pivot on, enrich, and merge data from multiple sources. Within minutes, cyber analysts can explore data and become a homogenous part of the Neural Lace, integrating with their SOAR products and workflows to analyze and operationalize information, ensuring maximum security and minimal risk for the enterprise.

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