About King & Union

Headquartered in Alexandria, VA and founded in 2017, King & Union is outsmarting cyber adversaries by uniting security professionals and amplifying the power of the cybersecurity analyst.

The founders of King & Union grew up in Security Operations Centers (SOCs). They are security analysts, developers and engineers, and formed King & Union to address their own frustrations with security operations inefficiencies.

King & Union boasts an impressive advisory board including Chris Camacho, CSO at Flashpoint, and Joe McCollum, CISO at Airside Mobile.

King & Union has been selected as a top 40 hot DC area cyber company and named to the 2019 Red Hot Cyber Companies list, presented by DCA Live.


Careers at King & Union

When you join King & Union’s cybersecurity team, you’ll be challenged, you’ll learn a lot, you’ll build a network of fellow professionals, and you’ll never be bored.

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