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Building a Better Workbench for Security Analysts

Doug Helton, Chief Strategy Officer and VP of Intelligence

Analysts don’t need to have a in-depth understanding of the intelligence cycle or structured analytical techniques employed by the Intelligence Community to begin to be effective. However, they do need access to the right tools, right data, and right expertise. The tools should be intuitive enough that even a new analyst can be productive yet robust enough in capability to support advanced analysis and research. 

As an intelligence practitioner for 20+ years, today, I am pleased to partner with King & Union’s product team to announce the release of Avalon’s updated User Interface (UI) to the community. This is not only a significant milestone for our team, it represents a major product delivery back to our users who have partnered with us in designing and building a powerful analysis, investigation, and collaboration capability that has made it much easier to begin using immediately and reduces the friction in day-to-day analyst workflows. 

We cover a lot of updated and new features in our product blog, so I’ll highlight just a couple that I know will be appreciated by analysts based on my own experience and direct feedbacks from colleagues:

Graph Builder

The hardest part of link analysts for new analysts is getting started.The new graph builder feature simplifies the process of starting and expanding the graph with custom data through an easy drag and drop process for a large number of data objects.

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