Finding the Foot Prints That Matter

Analysis Platform

Experience a virtual workspace where you can find expert cross-sector analysts conducting research and investigations together in real-time around the clock. The Avalon platform offers an efficient, team-strengthening approach to help your security team seek out and find the footprints that matter.

Why King & Union

We grew up in Security Operations Centers (SOCs). We’re analysts, developers and engineers. We formed King & Union to address our own frustrations with inefficiencies in security operations. We grew tired of the many manual processes that analysts deal with each day. There had to be an easier way. We're driven by this need to return analysts to their true purpose: identifying and preventing attempted compromises. Our customers benefit from the depth of our expertise, our platform that promotes sharing across teams, and the quality of the data that we provide to our clients.

Avalon Platform

Imagine how efficient your security operations would be if your analysts could glance at a screen and see a dynamic map of threats evolving in near real-time, displaying signatures, relationships, and risk levels as simple icons. Avalon provides access to truly unique data sources that deliver unparalleled visibility of the internet to a community of analysts from trusted internal or external groups. Your security team will never be overwhelmed by threat intelligence again, so you can make risk decisions rapidly with confidence.